Unfortunately PANIK didn't make it to the official nominations in the "Best Live Act" category for the Comet 2010 awards. The artist that managed to get in are Tokio Hotel, Rammstein, Culcha Candela, Peter Fox and Silbermond.

Some news in the last couple of days:

Keep on voting for PANIK! The voting ends on 22nd March at 12:00.

Timo posted a new blog connected to the previous one (which unfortunately we haven't translated yet).

You can read an english translation of the article about PANIK in the French magazine Rock One on panik-musik.blog.cz.

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Keep on voting for PANIK for the "Best live act" for Comet 2010. They deserve this award!
Timo: Good afternoon, welcome to the official PANIK homepage. My name is Timo Sonnenschein, that’s David Bonk and
David: Hallo
Timo: And we wanted to give you small update because the last video was long time ago and some new information. We are playing on 24th April in Paris, in Trabendo, we are really looking forward to it and hope that someone will come. It will be definitely a lot of fun. On the other hand next Sunday, I don’t know now which date is this, at 16:00 we'll be at Stars 4 kids in a chat
David: Yes, right
Timo: Yes, awesome
David: We also so to say had to play in Moscow on 30th January
Timo: Yeah
David: But we didn’t. There is some kind of intrigues (hope that I understood him right) and we try to arrange them.
Timo: Yeah, this with Russia is sometimes a little bit difficult because
David: It’s far away
Timo: Because it’s away and other stuff.  But we definitely want to try once again to arrange this, we are really sorry that we had to cancel the show but there is still problems with the hall, what was that?
David: Some security problems and such
Timo: Yeah, a little bit stupid. So have fun, we hope that we can upload new videos more often next time. We are playing with substitute for Linke  in Paris, with another staff
David: Yeah with one person more
Timo: Bye
David: Chao.
Some updates happened around PANIK's myspace pages these days. The band official "space" has a new header advertising the concert in Paris. Juri added new music to his page and Linke added new biography information (mentioning: "Also, I was lucky enough to be part of the German crossover band PANIK in the past."), new logo and a couple of pictures.  Linke created also a twitter account. Follow him.

While surfing in internet, I found a couple of pictures from The Dome 51. I've never seen some of the photos before. Maybe some of you haven't as well.
Edit: and also some pictures from The Dome 42 & 43.
source: thedome.de
David answered a couple of questions for the official Russian fanclub. You can read them here.

Timo wrote a new blog and also advertised one of the Czech blogs. Since I don't have much time for my own translation at the moment and till now I couldn't find another source, I'll give you this link.

As written on panik-franky.de, we can expect a new layout and information soon.  Hope it will be a nice surprise.

Last but not least, if you haven't heard about Panikday, now it's the time. It's an event dedicated to the favourite band - 24 hours nonstop only PANIK music.
When? 27.03.10
Starts at midnight and continues all Saturday :)
For more information click on the poster or visit facebook.

Our cute DJ has a birthday today.
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