Happy Birthday,

We wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavours!
As you know the last (we hope just for now) PANIK concert was on 24th April. Everyone except Linke was in Paris. Here are some videos from the event:

Noch nicht tot
Wollt nur wissen
So wie du
Immer noch da
Was würdest du tun
and something very interesting - Jan vs David
Bevor du gehst
San Diego
Ein neuer Tag
Lass mich fallen
David's solo + Kinder
The videos are uploaded in youtube by cynouch11thEcho & aliki200
Еven with a little delay, here are David's answers for February.

Thanks a lot to all who remembered my birthday. Mel just gave me all the presents and I'm very happy!!! :)

What do you like especially about Timo?
That he knows me so well that he can give the other people tips for a birthday present for me.

Did you study a lot in school?

Do you write in your diary everyday?
No, there is only 1 entry for 2010 because of time limitation (or just priorities). From tomorrow 2.

Do you like Valentine's day, did you give or receive something?
It doesn't mean a lot to me.

What do you think about the movie "Year One"?
I don't know it :)

How did you celebrate carnival this year?
I didn't at all.

How did you celebrate carnival when you were a kid and what was your best outfit?
A vampire :) Laaaame.

Do you still keep in touch with the ex-band members?

Do you read the Bible from time to time or do you even pray sometimes?
No, and sometimes.

How did you get to be "Aloha from Hell" producer?
Through Vitamin-B.

How do you like Switzerland?
Good. It's mountainous.

Do you know what the others are doing right now?
Yes :P

Two of the Linke's songs can be heard on an American radio station. The list of the different playlists can be found here and the whole version of "Start Right Here" - here.