Hello everybody,

we would like to ask you what do you think about the site. We assume that it's not so visited (because of the so many other fansites with English versions and especially now with the departure of four of the members). But still, we will appreciate your opinion - what do you like and what you don't about it, what would you want to know more? Any suggestions, comments and criticism are welcome :)

As maybe you all already know, Linke gave an interview for chrislinke.blogg.se. Check it out.
Timo will answer fans' questions every month on panik-timo.de.

Six of Linke's new songs can be alredy found on iTunes.

Here's the official trailer of Frank's movie. Previously it was reported that the movie title will be "Alles für Lila". The new one, however, is "Groupies bleiben nicht zum Frühstück" (Groupies don't stay for breakfast).