David posted a new blog, in which it's mentioned that the band wants to record the concert In Hamburg. We hope that the video will be available to everyone after that!

And this is the cover of the French magazine Rock One. David and Timo gave an interview about the band's future. The article will be published in the December issue. (The title: "After the split, PANIK explain!" - thanks bekileik for the translation)
PANIK are planning to play a concert in France in the beginning of 2010. That's why they  need your help in this special case. To carry out this concert they need your support. If you can attend the concert,  you can leave your name here.

David's answers for October are online now.

Edit: Frank's answers for November are online as well.

We are all interested in what's going on around the guys. Timo and David gave an official statement about what is happening with the band for the French magazine Rock One. The information will be published in the December issue.

The album "PANIK" is out in Russia since 16 November.
And finally, a video of David and Frank taking part in the ZDF's "1, 2 oder 3" broadcast on 14.11.2009.
Is this the end of "this era", the "long struggle", the "exchausting way"?

The band posted a blog on their Myspace page and their homepage, stating that "the band PANIK will not go on in this constellation, and the tour in December will be the last tour in Germany".

I am speechless at the moment. On the other hand this is all the information we have. I think it's better to stop at this point.
We will support any decision the guys make.
Good luck in the future to all of them.

The English version of the information about Juri and Timo is already online.
The voting about best national band is over. You can vote for best single till 22 November. PANIK are nominated with "Lass mich fallen" and not "Jeder" as it was announced earlier.

the English version of the information about David is already online.

Have a nice weekend!

you have the possibility to vote for PANIK for best national band for only 3 days more. So support the guys here.

The information about Jan and Frank can be found already in English. The rest is following :)
Thank you for your patience.
As we promised, the translation of David's answers for August is already online. You can find them here.

Frank's answers of fans' questions can be read at panik-franky.de. New action starts as well. You can ask your questions till 30th November.
Frank also answers a couple of questions for the German magazine Hey! - translation here.
Here you can find a video from Frank's appearance in Martin Kilger Tour.

Last, but not least PANIK are going to perform in Moscow, 30 January. Congratulations, Russia!