It's 24th today which means that Juri has a birthday! The team wishes him successful professional realisation!

And since we're talking about him, we think he is not a part of Piazumanju anymore because the band is looking for a new drummer (and actually seems that they did find one).
Here are David's answers to the fan questions for September and October:

What were the reasons for the step to you independence?
I am independent since I was at school, so the step wasn't so big back then :-)

Will it last too long till we hear a new song from PANIK?
I hope not. We have a lot of new songs!

Are you and Timo working on PANIK a lot at the moment?
As much as we can!

How much can we hope for a new album from you and Timo?
I can't say how much you can hope but I hope it's a lot!!

Are you and Timo going to play concerts this year?
Concerts? Noo.

Why are you not sure whether you want to release a new album or not?
Of course, we are sure. It is more dependent on outer circumstances which hold it up. We want to do it in any case!

Do you watch your Live DVD "Niemand hört dich live" from time to time?
Haven't done it for a long time, I could do it again :-)

How many guitars do you own at the moment and which one you play the most?
They are 6 now and I prefer the Epiphone Baritone at the moment.

What present did you give Timo for his birthday?
Together with the fans - a micro shoulder mount - which hasn't arrived yet, although the repeated request! I'll call again in a minute!