David is going to India and while he is there, he is going to share impressions and experiences on www.indiablog.de. Translations in English, Russian and Slovak already exist.
Timo posted a new blog connected to the previous one (which unfortunately we haven't translated yet).

You can read an english translation of the article about PANIK in the French magazine Rock One on panik-musik.blog.cz.

David answered a couple of questions for the official Russian fanclub. You can read them here.

Timo wrote a new blog and also advertised one of the Czech blogs. Since I don't have much time for my own translation at the moment and till now I couldn't find another source, I'll give you this link.

As written on panik-franky.de, we can expect a new layout and information soon.  Hope it will be a nice surprise.

Last but not least, if you haven't heard about Panikday, now it's the time. It's an event dedicated to the favourite band - 24 hours nonstop only PANIK music.
When? 27.03.10
Starts at midnight and continues all Saturday :)
For more information click on the poster or visit facebook.

The new blog from Timo is about the trailer of his short movie "At Second Glance":

I'm sitting here, alone in the dark, a table lamp is burning, everything else is black, only the flickering of my monitor jumps towards me and I lose myself in this rectangular window.. Everything is quiet, freezing outside, inside is like an oven is on and comfortable heat ascends me .. a slight noise from my MacBook ventilator and a clock is ticking somewhere (awesome, it's not digital :)). 
Now I'm sitting here and write this blog, my thoughts already fade away because the tiredness overtake me and pull me to it and the inviting bedroom joggles like a rope that I will hopefully enter it at this moment and dedicate my last thoughts to my book and its heroes before falling asleep..
The reason why I am writing this blog is this:... "
What does Timo think about the last year and what are his plans for this one? See it  for yourselves here.

And if you want to see what happened during the chat with the fans, paniknews.blogspot.com has made screenshots of Timo and David's answers. Thanks for the effort!

In his new blog, Timo talks about the tour, the movie that he's shooting and the upcoming video for Christmas. What else is the rapper interested in? You can find out here.
David posted a new blog, in which it's mentioned that the band wants to record the concert In Hamburg. We hope that the video will be available to everyone after that!

And this is the cover of the French magazine Rock One. David and Timo gave an interview about the band's future. The article will be published in the December issue. (The title: "After the split, PANIK explain!" - thanks bekileik for the translation)