Timo: Good afternoon, welcome to the official PANIK homepage. My name is Timo Sonnenschein, that’s David Bonk and
David: Hallo
Timo: And we wanted to give you small update because the last video was long time ago and some new information. We are playing on 24th April in Paris, in Trabendo, we are really looking forward to it and hope that someone will come. It will be definitely a lot of fun. On the other hand next Sunday, I don’t know now which date is this, at 16:00 we'll be at Stars 4 kids in a chat
David: Yes, right
Timo: Yes, awesome
David: We also so to say had to play in Moscow on 30th January
Timo: Yeah
David: But we didn’t. There is some kind of intrigues (hope that I understood him right) and we try to arrange them.
Timo: Yeah, this with Russia is sometimes a little bit difficult because
David: It’s far away
Timo: Because it’s away and other stuff.  But we definitely want to try once again to arrange this, we are really sorry that we had to cancel the show but there is still problems with the hall, what was that?
David: Some security problems and such
Timo: Yeah, a little bit stupid. So have fun, we hope that we can upload new videos more often next time. We are playing with substitute for Linke  in Paris, with another staff
David: Yeah with one person more
Timo: Bye
David: Chao.
Timo uploaded a new video on the kyte player.

Timo: "Here, especially for you the first 5 seconds from the short movie "At second Glance". I hope that you can recognise something. Oha, oha, that's David, walking down the street. What is he doing there? The trailer of "At second Glance" from next week. Ooo and who's that? That's the question. Who's that  ladies and gentlemen? One doesn't know.
From next week on the trailer of "At second Glance" here, on panik-musik.de. Check it out."
David mentioned on twitter a couple of days ago about video release for Christmas. Together with Timo, they gave more information via a kyte video on the official PANIK homepage today. The video will be to a song that they have recently written.

They also stated that the other four members are going to play with them last in Russia and perhaps in other European countries if they manage to organise concerts.