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we would like to ask you what do you think about the site. We assume that it's not so visited (because of the so many other fansites with English versions and especially now with the departure of four of the members). But still, we will appreciate your opinion - what do you like and what you don't about it, what would you want to know more? Any suggestions, comments and criticism are welcome :)

As maybe you all already know, Linke gave an interview for chrislinke.blogg.se. Check it out.
Timo will answer fans' questions every month on panik-timo.de.

Six of Linke's new songs can be alredy found on iTunes.

Here's the official trailer of Frank's movie. Previously it was reported that the movie title will be "Alles für Lila". The new one, however, is "Groupies bleiben nicht zum Frühstück" (Groupies don't stay for breakfast).
You can find interviews with Linke and Juri,talking about their life and plans after PANIK.
According to the information, the interviews are made for the official French PANIK forum and translated by panik-musik.blog.cz. So, all credits go to them.
David's answers fro March and April are already online on panik-david.de. English translation can be found here.

Full version of Linke's new songs can be heard not only on his myspace page but also on his Reverbnation profile.

And last but not least, Juri and his new band gave a short interview for the German radio N-Joy where they introduce themselves and present their song "Matko".
Two of the Linke's songs can be heard on an American radio station. The list of the different playlists can be found here and the whole version of "Start Right Here" - here.
Some news in the last couple of days:

Keep on voting for PANIK! The voting ends on 22nd March at 12:00.

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Keep on voting for PANIK for the "Best live act" for Comet 2010. They deserve this award!
Some updates happened around PANIK's myspace pages these days. The band official "space" has a new header advertising the concert in Paris. Juri added new music to his page and Linke added new biography information (mentioning: "Also, I was lucky enough to be part of the German crossover band PANIK in the past."), new logo and a couple of pictures.  Linke created also a twitter account. Follow him.

The future plans of the current and ex-members from PANIK, published on 5th Feb. on www.faz.net (fragment):

"... Linke quits. The tour is fun, says he, the labels' politics however is not. Their appearance can be seen for example in the album just because someone from the record company wanted so. One has to fight so they can win, says Sonnenschein. Linke understands that but he doesn't want to do it anymore. "Below the line, when someone doesn't feel all right, they have to look after themselves." He will try to get a clear head abroad. Werner will continue his education as a chemist technical assistant, Schewe studies drums in Bremen since October, Ziegler got a role in the movie "Alles für Lila..."
...The band house in Hamburg is vacated. They won't scream here anymore. Bonk and Sonnenschein want to release an album (the two of them) this year but they don't know how and when. "But we know in any case that this is our life"

source (info + photo): www.faz.ne
An amazing new composition can be heard on Linke's myspace profile. But better hear it for yourselves.