While surfing in internet, I found a couple of pictures from The Dome 51. I've never seen some of the photos before. Maybe some of you haven't as well.
Edit: and also some pictures from The Dome 42 & 43.
source: thedome.de
The future plans of the current and ex-members from PANIK, published on 5th Feb. on www.faz.net (fragment):

"... Linke quits. The tour is fun, says he, the labels' politics however is not. Their appearance can be seen for example in the album just because someone from the record company wanted so. One has to fight so they can win, says Sonnenschein. Linke understands that but he doesn't want to do it anymore. "Below the line, when someone doesn't feel all right, they have to look after themselves." He will try to get a clear head abroad. Werner will continue his education as a chemist technical assistant, Schewe studies drums in Bremen since October, Ziegler got a role in the movie "Alles für Lila..."
...The band house in Hamburg is vacated. They won't scream here anymore. Bonk and Sonnenschein want to release an album (the two of them) this year but they don't know how and when. "But we know in any case that this is our life"

source (info + photo): www.faz.ne
Here are some pictures from the You Messe 2009 that took place in the beginning of October in Berlin (more pictures from the event on panikbg.gallery.net.ms).