As you may already know, Timo directed and filmed the first official video for the band Destination Anywhere to their single "How You Feel". Here is the result after the cutting (also done by Timo):
Speaking of Timo, he has already an official account in facebook.

And David answers your questions at formspring in twitter.
Some updates happened around PANIK's myspace pages these days. The band official "space" has a new header advertising the concert in Paris. Juri added new music to his page and Linke added new biography information (mentioning: "Also, I was lucky enough to be part of the German crossover band PANIK in the past."), new logo and a couple of pictures.  Linke created also a twitter account. Follow him.

The band hasn't confirmed officially the concert in Paris yet but what David wrote in twitter can be interpreted as some kind of confirmation: "Für Alle Deutschen, Die Zum PARIS KONZERT Wollen:" (For all Germans that want to be at the PARIS CONCERT:

A screenshot from a Timo's movie can be seen on the PANIK's twiiter page. Again there, Timo wrote that he will be in the chat of the kyte player on the official PANIK homepage today at 21:00. David has added: "alles klar, good to know :-) ill be there ;-)".
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PANIK / Timo's twitter: "hey, please vote for us (+2) and Rise Against :)"