David gave an interview for the  Czech and Slovak fans. The original can be found on panik-fans.blog.cz.
How are you today?
I'm fine thanks. In the few weeks I took a bit time for myself, to care about all the stuff I didn't pay attention to the last years.

Do you like chatting with fans? (kyte etc.)
Well, ja. Chatting with fans is nice, especcially to get a feedback on the stuff you're composing and doing. As an artist you are in your own world, sometimes don't even get information about what's going on in the world - so it's nice to get some feedback about the work, you are doing.

How do you celebrate Christmas as a vegetarian?
Strange question.. well.. as everyone else too - without meat. :)

How long have you been vegetarian?
2 1/2 years now.

And have you decided not to eat meat with Timo?
No, Timo was faster than me. He decided it about 1 year before I did.

Do you read Timo's blogs?
No, only very rarely. I talk to him everyday :)

As an artist, does it bother you, when people care just about your image and not that much about your music?
No, guess this is part of the job, you are doing.

You visited music school, right? I mean as a high school.
Yes, I did.
Do you think it influenced you a lot?
No, but I think, longer or shorter, this band influenced the system.
(I think this was a little misunderstanding - I meant the school and David meant the band)

Honestly, did you like Czech Republic?
Well, we were there only once - and this is a pretty long time ago.. :) so, from what I remember, yes.

How do you choose which messages on myspace will you answer to?
I try to answer every message - and if there is too much, I just take every second :)

By the way, all fans say 'hi' to you :)
Thank you! A big hi back, that there is a little hi for everyone :)

Ok and now back to the dark times, many things like Grau, Immer noch da, the old version of Revolution, Was and also the videos like Schwul oda was and the old one making of Niemand hört dich were published. How did this happen?
Dark times? Well.. funny times - times without contracts :)
What ever, when we were PANIK (without contracts) we put all our stuff for free into the internet. All this is no secret, it is a big part of our story.

Some people say, any of you doesn't want other people to see the videos, is it a rumour then?
We don't care.

Do you speak english so well because of your family in England?
I don't have a family in England, just my godmother. I practiced english a lot in the past, and have many english speaking friends.

Do you think often about the future? (wedding, kids..)

Have you thought about new members of Panik?
No, not yet.

Well and do you think there is any chance for brighter times?
Of course. There is a big author, wise words: Neale Donald Walsch, Conversations with God. I can recommend this book, to every single one.
I meant for Panik..
If there is one thing I realized in the last years of my young life, it's that everything always comes to an end - but (this is suprisingly the important part:) "end" is just a "change", and "change" is the best thing, that can happen to all of us. Change happens all the time, it is life, and I am now facing the fact, that I am really, really curious, what my life has planned for me, in my future.
So you're just living your life, taking this just as a part of a big journey..?
Well, I definitely think that the journey PANIK begun is not ending yet. :)

How did you feel after the last concert in Hamburg?
Hamburg? Like every concert else. We tried to make it as nice as possible for everyone.

What was your favourite fairytale?
Fairytale? Shrek :P

Are you going to play In Taxi nach Paris at the Paris concert?
No, deffinitely not. That was just a job I had to do :)

Do you know any czech composer? (from school probably)
Well, I know "Dvorak", but I'm not sure, if he's czech..
He is :)
Fine :)

Have you heard about Panikday?
Yes, I heard about it.

You know this one?
2004 I think :)
Sure I do, I was writing an essay about Rap rock, so I was looking for some old pictures everywhere :)
Not funny :D but I got an A

Facebook or Twitter?

Why did Max leave?
That's long ago and not subject of this interview.

Will we ever know, why exactly did guys leave or they just don't want to tell us?
If they won't tell, no one will know.

Do you remember the czech fans from München?
The last tour? Ja. And autograph session? Too.

And what happened to the bracelets?
Which bracelets? Sorry, can't remember them :)

Do you check your fansites?
Sometimes :)

What happened at the Musikmesse? You wrote something about concert, did you play just with Juri?
I presented a new project, but i will not talk about it yet.

Ok, what's you favourite Scrubs character?

Is there any contact for those, who wants to get an autograph?
Melinda (panik-david.de)

Do you have some more information about the new DVD?
I'm working on it right now :)

And the last one, I guess, is there going to be an autograph session in Paris?
After the concert, yes, we will give autographs.

Thank you for everything, it was very nice of you :)
No problem
:) Ja, thank you for the interview.


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