This webpage and the myspace support were created because of the unique style PANIK (as a sextet) had together, because of the amazing music they composed and performed and last but not least because of the great talent that everyone of them has.
No matter what Linke, Frank, Juri and Jan decide to do in the future, they will always be part of the band. PANIK won't be not the same without them.
We will continue to support David and Timo who decided to go on with the music under the same name.

As you can see, PanikBG.net.ms decided to welcome the new PANIK era with a new layout and clearer structure (I hope) which represents in a better way the English and Bulgarian versions. So, what do you think?

The new blog from Timo is about the trailer of his short movie "At Second Glance":

I'm sitting here, alone in the dark, a table lamp is burning, everything else is black, only the flickering of my monitor jumps towards me and I lose myself in this rectangular window.. Everything is quiet, freezing outside, inside is like an oven is on and comfortable heat ascends me .. a slight noise from my MacBook ventilator and a clock is ticking somewhere (awesome, it's not digital :)). 
Now I'm sitting here and write this blog, my thoughts already fade away because the tiredness overtake me and pull me to it and the inviting bedroom joggles like a rope that I will hopefully enter it at this moment and dedicate my last thoughts to my book and its heroes before falling asleep..
The reason why I am writing this blog is this:... "
The trailer to Timo's short movie is here. It can be seen on the official PANIK homepage, as well as on their youtube channel.
The guys from PANIK confirmed the information about the postponed concert in Russia on their official homepage.

"Hello to all PANIK fans,

This blog entry is related to the upcoming concert in Moscow on January 30th 2010, which is not going to be performed due to the latest circumstances. The MILK club where the concert was supposed to be performed was surprisingly closed because of missing security measures and PANIK concert, as well as many others are postponed for undefined period of time. There will be a possibility to return your tickets on the music hall's homepage. Please do so because the tickets will most likely lose their validity for the next concert.

Thank you for your understanding and we hope that we will be able to organise a new concert in another hall as soon as possible.

Best wishes from Germany to Russia!

According to forum.panik-fanclub.ru, panik-russia.blogspot.com and my pretty bad Russian, PANIK's concert on 30th January in Moscow is postponed and there is still no new date confirmed. 
Timo uploaded a new video on the kyte player.

Timo: "Here, especially for you the first 5 seconds from the short movie "At second Glance". I hope that you can recognise something. Oha, oha, that's David, walking down the street. What is he doing there? The trailer of "At second Glance" from next week. Ooo and who's that? That's the question. Who's that  ladies and gentlemen? One doesn't know.
From next week on the trailer of "At second Glance" here, on panik-musik.de. Check it out."
What does Timo think about the last year and what are his plans for this one? See it  for yourselves here.

And if you want to see what happened during the chat with the fans, paniknews.blogspot.com has made screenshots of Timo and David's answers. Thanks for the effort!
A screenshot from a Timo's movie can be seen on the PANIK's twiiter page. Again there, Timo wrote that he will be in the chat of the kyte player on the official PANIK homepage today at 21:00. David has added: "alles klar, good to know :-) ill be there ;-)".
PANIK answered some standard questions at the You Messe in October 2009. Did the guys changes their preferences see for yourselves.




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