Our awesome rapper turns 23 today. The PanikBG.net.ms team wishes him 12 months of health, 52 weeks of fun and 365 days of good luck!
Happy Birthday,
Here are David's answers for June:

What do you think of Ondine by Ravel?
I have to inform myself first - the title is not familiar - but I guess it's good as everything by Ravel :-)

What do you think of the bands Unheilig and Evanescence?
Not for me.

If you had the choice, where would you like to live - in  an Irish castle, American mansion or a house boat in Hamburg?
I think the mansion would be nice where... or, no, the house boat would be the best, but in America :-)

If you had fish, what names would you give to them and why?
I do have fish. But there are too many.

What would you do if  Dr. Cox was your dad?
Oh god..

If you lived in Springfield, would you rather play music with Lisa or laugh at Nelson?
Hahaha... laugh at Nelson... :-D

Do you know the saying "Something is rotten in the State of Denmark"?

Do you have a favourite Destination Anywhere's song?
How you feel.

Will you go on tour?

And Timo's as well:

Will there be some concerts soon?
For sure not by the six of us..

Why are Beyonce's fans the best?

Because: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOhdzpOtF3U&feature =related

Do you believe in life after death?
In rebirth.. ;)

What do you like the most about David?

That he wears pink socks.

What animal would like to be and why?

I guess all a cat does is eating and letting it someone fondles it. So I think that would be the most comfortable. But an orca wouldn't be that bad as well, if people didn't destroy everything at the moment.

Why have you decided to become a vegetarian?

Because I'm not a murderer, hehe :)

Timo, I'm curious if you have ever danced break or you just like it? :)
Haha, no I've never danced.. But it looks impressive..

What is on your "to do before die" list?
Actually, I've already experienced a lot of it, but there are still some things left on it :) We'll see, I'll let you know, when I do them as well..

What do you think about a PANIK biography?
Uff, if I don't have to write it... There were so many bad things, that I don't want to bring it up again.

Is the contract over when the manager/producer dies?
Haha, I don't know. But to try it wouldn't be such a bad idea :)

As you may already know, Timo directed and filmed the first official video for the band Destination Anywhere to their single "How You Feel". Here is the result after the cutting (also done by Timo):
Speaking of Timo, he has already an official account in facebook.

And David answers your questions at formspring in twitter.
Timo will answer fans' questions every month on panik-timo.de.

Six of Linke's new songs can be alredy found on iTunes.

Here's the official trailer of Frank's movie. Previously it was reported that the movie title will be "Alles für Lila". The new one, however, is "Groupies bleiben nicht zum Frühstück" (Groupies don't stay for breakfast).
Some news in the last couple of days:

Keep on voting for PANIK! The voting ends on 22nd March at 12:00.

David answered a couple of questions for the official Russian fanclub. You can read them here.

Timo wrote a new blog and also advertised one of the Czech blogs. Since I don't have much time for my own translation at the moment and till now I couldn't find another source, I'll give you this link.

As written on panik-franky.de, we can expect a new layout and information soon.  Hope it will be a nice surprise.

Last but not least, if you haven't heard about Panikday, now it's the time. It's an event dedicated to the favourite band - 24 hours nonstop only PANIK music.
When? 27.03.10
Starts at midnight and continues all Saturday :)
For more information click on the poster or visit facebook.

Timo and David have given an interview for the Russian magazine "Все Звезды" a short time before the planned PANIK concert in Moscow. An English translation can be found on panik-musik.blog.cz.

The future plans of the current and ex-members from PANIK, published on 5th Feb. on www.faz.net (fragment):

"... Linke quits. The tour is fun, says he, the labels' politics however is not. Their appearance can be seen for example in the album just because someone from the record company wanted so. One has to fight so they can win, says Sonnenschein. Linke understands that but he doesn't want to do it anymore. "Below the line, when someone doesn't feel all right, they have to look after themselves." He will try to get a clear head abroad. Werner will continue his education as a chemist technical assistant, Schewe studies drums in Bremen since October, Ziegler got a role in the movie "Alles für Lila..."
...The band house in Hamburg is vacated. They won't scream here anymore. Bonk and Sonnenschein want to release an album (the two of them) this year but they don't know how and when. "But we know in any case that this is our life"

source (info + photo): www.faz.ne
The new blog from Timo is about the trailer of his short movie "At Second Glance":

I'm sitting here, alone in the dark, a table lamp is burning, everything else is black, only the flickering of my monitor jumps towards me and I lose myself in this rectangular window.. Everything is quiet, freezing outside, inside is like an oven is on and comfortable heat ascends me .. a slight noise from my MacBook ventilator and a clock is ticking somewhere (awesome, it's not digital :)). 
Now I'm sitting here and write this blog, my thoughts already fade away because the tiredness overtake me and pull me to it and the inviting bedroom joggles like a rope that I will hopefully enter it at this moment and dedicate my last thoughts to my book and its heroes before falling asleep..
The reason why I am writing this blog is this:... "
The trailer to Timo's short movie is here. It can be seen on the official PANIK homepage, as well as on their youtube channel.